PAULO PILIPE has created an eyewear concept combining styling with the ultimate comfort. A new generation of screwless frame with patented hinges. Minimalism is the core value when designing the simplistic look of PAULO PILIPE eyewear. It’s attractive to wear and extremely easy on your nose. PAULO PILIPE creates the most fine crafted eyewear structure, keeping the product simple and be technical. Stylish and functional at the same time!

Our Double Faces collection is our next innovative eyewear design. On top of the slim, light and screw less frame, it has a twistable temple that comes with a wide range of colour. Allowing you to customize your own unique look. Twist your own colour!


Slim, screwless and stainless steel hinge, reduces the weight of the eyewear to minimum. The ULTRA light weight of PAULO PILIPE eyewear making it extremely easy on your nose.

Material and Design

Made with sheet-metal to achieve the slim and simplistic look without giving up durability. Unique to Double Faces collection is the High Density Cellulose (HDC) Acetate temple, it’s durable and elastic. It can be twisted without breaking and reveal the second colour on the other side.


Metal and plastic frames are made with dual tone combination to give highlights to the subtleness of the frame. Double Faces collection HDC temple can be twisted to reveal a second colour. It offers variety of colours to choose from, allowing you to customizse your own unique look for different occasion.